During the 20th century Pauma men and women served with distinction in the U.S. Armed Services. That commitment has carried through into the early part of this century.

World War II

Cleto Forbes, U.S. Navy, USS Rigel. He survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and served throughout the rest of the war. Samuel J. Powvall, U.S. Army. He participated in the Normandy Invasion, marched through Europe, was wounded and received the Purple Heart. Andrew Majel, U.S. Army Air Corp. Served as a bombardier in the European theatre.

  • Stephen Peters, Sr., U.S. Army Air Corp.
  • David Forbes, Sr. Seabees
  • Foster Hurtado, U.S. Navy
  • Alfred Powvall, U.S. Army
  • Frank Pachito, U.S. Army
  • Wilfred Majel, U.S. Army

Korean Conflict

  • Wesley Peters, U.S. Army
  • Max Calac, Jr., U.S. Army
  • Leland A. Majel, U.S. Army. – Participated at Pork Chop Hill.
  • Maurice Magante, Jr. , USS Eversole. – He survived the bombing of his ship when it was beached.
  • John LaChusa, U.S. Navy, Submarines and the Air Force.
  • Richard Pachito, Sr., National Guard, U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division.
  • Benjamin Magante, Sr., U.S. Army, 11th Airborne Division, 3rd Regiment.

Cold War Era

  • Edward Cornelius Calac, Sr., U.S. Army

Vietnam Era

  • Leroy (Cruz) Powvall, U.S. Army
  • Gilbert Piper, U.S. Army
  • Chris Devers, U.S. Army
  • Charlie Devers, U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division
  • Alwin Aguilar, U.S. Army
  • Patricia DeLeon, U.S. Navy
  • David Forbes, Jr., U.S. Coast Guards

Post Vietnam

  • Russell Piper, U.S. Army
  • Lenora Magante Cline, U.S. Army
  • Amber Devers Perez, U.S. Navy
  • Simon Devers, U.S. Army
  • Adam Dixon, U.S. Marine Corp
  • Patricia DeLeon, U.S. Navy
  • David Forbes, Jr., U.S. Coast Guards