Charitable Giving Program

The Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians’ financial resources from gaming and non gaming enterprises is used to support the entire internal infrastructure of the tribe. Such resources cover the expenses of roads, emergency, health, education, welfare and many other services essential to the needs of our tribal members. While it is a challenge meeting the diverse needs of our members, we are also committed to doing our best to be a good neighbor and community partner with other tribes and organizations through the region. The Pauma Band’s charitable giving stems from a cultural and social tradition to assist those in need. We are a tribe dedicated to philanthropy and service.

The Pauma Band seeks to improve the quality of life in our community through donations, sponsorships, partnerships and programs that benefit the Valley and beyond. We are dedicated to preserving culture and passing forward tribal traditions to future generations. Therefore, the tribe actively supports schools, Universities, museums, and cultural organizations and programs. Read More

Pauma Green Fuels

Pauma Green Fuels (PGF) is a biodiesel producer that collects and recycles waste vegetable oil (WVO) to create nontoxic, sulfur-free bio-fuel — a cleaner, earth-conscious alternative to petroleum-based diesel. This bio-fuel is capable of powering today’s medium-to-heavy-duty vehicles, such as buses, freight trucks and cargo trucks.

PGF stands with the Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians on the principles and ideals of protection and environmental stewardship through active research and application of eco-friendly practices and concepts. The Pauma Tribe, also focused on land preservation and local organic vegetable farming, is proud to support emerging green technologies such as PGF as part of its collective effort toward the “greening” of America. Read more

Tierra Miguel Farm

In August of 2007, the Pauma Band acquired the Tierra Miguel Farm, an 84.91 acre certified organic farm located in Pauma Valley, California. Under the terms of the purchase the Tribe agreed to continue the long-term conservation of the land, and retain farm’s agricultural status. The purchase price of the property was $1,400,000. As a term of the sale Pauma will provide the non-profit, Tierra Miguel Foundation (TMF) with a long-term lease. “Saving this acreage for agriculture usage in perpetuity is a great accomplishment for California,” said TMF President and CEO Beth Ann Levendoski.

Tribal Digital Village

In 2001, the Tribal Digital Village project was launched with a $5 million Hewlet Packard (HP) grant to the Southern California Tribal Chairman’s Association (SCTCA). The program has successfully fostered cultural, educational, community and economic development throughout Southern California tribal communities. HP’s contributions have enabled diverse tribal communities to connect and communicate with each other, thus using technology to preserve tribal culture. Additionally, the project has fostered opportunities for economic growth with the establishment of a for-profit digital printing business, called Hi Rez Digital Solutions.

The Tribal Digital Village has engaged community youth and adults to ensure the development and transfer of technological skills and expertise throughout the community. The scope of the project is not limited to tribal communities, as outreach is conducted to non tribal organizations and institutions for the purpose of sharing in common goals and resources.