After School Program

The Johnson-O’Malley (JOM) Program was first federally funded in 1936 to provide additional academic support for Native American students.  Over the last several years, federal funding has been greatly reduced.  However, in keeping with the Johnson-O’Malley ideal, the Pauma Band of Luiseno Indians has committed to providing quality academic support to students grade K-12.  The JOM Program is overseen by the Pauma Education Committee, which is made up of community members and parents.  Additionally, the JOM Manager, along with qualified tutors, provide a program that supports tribal students to achieve their academic goals.

Program Highlights

In order to provide a program that meets the needs and goals of the parents and students, academics is always a priority.  We meet this goal through our partnerships with local schools.  Pauma JOM is an official academic intervention site for kindergarten through 8th grade students.  We also provide academic support on campus for our students. We try to always incorporate the Luiseno cultural traditions in all our program facets in order to build cultural identity and pride.

Other program highlights – these may or may not take place each year depending on availability and scheduling:

  • Organic Tribal Garden
  • Native Plant Garden
  • Science Classes
  • Sensory Play
  • Art Classes
  • Luiseno Language Instruction
  • Healthy Lifestyles- Food, Nutrition, and Active Play
  • Inter Tribal Sports
  • Indian Health Council Partnership
  • Pauma Fire Department
  • Pauma Youth Program
  • Pauma Library
  • Title VII

What Our Kids Say

JOM is a great place to study our homework and get it done.  We can play outside and we can play on the computer when we are all done.”