Pauma Tribal Police Department

The Pauma Tribal Police Department was established in August 2006 to prevent crime, preserve the peace, protect property, prevent unlawful disturbances, make arrests when necessary and to investigate public offenses occurring on the Pauma/Yuima Reservation and trust lands. The department and its individual members work, without favor or prejudice, cooperatively with the public and other public safety agencies to provide a safe community and strive to enhance the quality of life for tribal residents, employees and guests. The rights of the people as provided by the Pauma Band’s Articles of Association and the Constitution of the United States are protected through fair and impartial enforcement of the law.

Pauma Tribal Police Department at Western Days in Valley Center – 2022

Pauma Tribal Police Department attended the Pauma Farms Event 2022

Pauma Tribal Police attended the Pauma Farms Event 2022