The Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians and our ancestors have lived in the Pauma Valley and surrounding area since time immemorial. Our ancestors are buried here, we raise our children here, and this is where our future generations will continue to live and prosper.

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit

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Metal barricades will close off the Reservation at the Security Checkpoint in both directions.
Only Police Officers, Fire personnel, Tribal Administrator, and essential employees as notified by the Tribal Administrator will be allowed access to the Reservation.
All non-essential vendors, suppliers, service providers, and outside guests will be denied access.
On duty Police Officers will make it a priority to be present at the Security Checkpoint to explain and enforce the current security level to tribal members and the public.
Police Officers and the Fire Department will monitor tribal elders and anyone on the Reservation with special needs.
Police Officers will Increase the monitoring of tribal property, Reservation roadways, gates, and all access points.
Tribal members are encouraged to stay in their own homes during Phase 2(A) but will be allowed to leave the reservation. It is encouraged that tribal members only leave for essential reasons like medical appointments, work, and groceries/personal care product shopping.

Should a Phase 3 level be required to combat the spread of COVID 19, tribal members will be allowed to leave the Reservation, but they will be advised that they will not be able to return until further notice, no exceptions.

The Security Checkpoint will accept deliveries for tribal members, administration, and residents. The Pauma Police Department and Pauma Fire Department will be available to assist In the distribution of deliveries.
A curfew will be in place and enforced from 10:00 PM until 5:00 AM. The curfew will apply to Pauma’s Main Reservation and Yuima Track 2 and 3.

View Phase2(a) release at the following link: Phase 2[A] Security Level Effective 12-22-2020 6:00 PM Until Further Notice