The Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians and our ancestors have lived in the Pauma Valley and surrounding area since time immemorial. Our ancestors are buried here, we raise our children here, and this is where our future generations will continue to live and prosper.


Please be advised the Tribal Council has set forth the “Emergency Declaration for Reservation Closure.” This declaration encompasses three phases. On July 7, 2020, The Pauma Band of Mission Indians Council has voted to move into Phase 2.

•Additional metal barricades will be added to the Security Checkpoint in a serpentine type formation to slow and control traffic entering and exiting the reservation.
• Anyone that appears ill will be denied access to the reservation.
• A metal barricade will be placed at the tribal admin parking lot. Only essential employees will be allowed on property.
• Guests and non-residents will be denied access, except for immediate family members such as parents and siblings.
• Police Officers will continue to park Police vehicles in open view to show Police presence.
• Reservation access points, gates, and roadways will be monitored by Police Officers to ensure the safety of the reservation and keep it secure.
• Special attention will be applied to tribal resources such water tanks, wells, wastewater treatment, construction and maintenance equipment, administrative buildings, groves, Yuima tracks 1, 2, and 3, Ellis Ranch, and tribal farms.
• Police Officers will make every effort to monitor the metal barricades in place and assist Security Checkpoint Officers with incoming and outgoing traffic.
• Police Officers will keep in contact with casino security and supervisors to provide extra patrol as needed.
• Security Checkpoint Officers will provide tribal members with information to keep them updated of our directive as it is provided by the tribal council and administration. 

View the full release at the following link: Pauma Band of Mission Indians Emergency Declaration for Reservation Closure

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