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The overall purpose of the Intertribal Court of Southern California (ICSC) is to provide members of the Native American Community and their participating tribes with a culturally sensitive Judicial Forum in which to present and resolve disputes.
The ICSC works on a “Circuit Court” format whereby a Judge travels from one Reservation to the other presiding over assigned cases. Rulings are based on tribal laws, ordinances, customs and historical precedent. If needed the ICSC provides tribes and individual tribal members with a judge, a Court Administrator, a Court Clerk, a Bailiff and case management. Tribal Court hearings are held at respective tribes’ Reservations.

In addition to providing tribes and tribal Members with a full range of court services, the Court also provides a free Lawyer Referral Service; a court sponsored Alternative Dispute Resolution program, including Arbitration and Mediation, Federal Indian Law 101 resources, a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program, an American Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program and access to the Southern California Tribal Bar Association.
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