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Local Tribal Leaders Attend White House Conference

Local Tribal Leaders Attend White House Conference

Valley Roadrunner  | Photo: Pauma Chairman Chris Devers, left, accompanies several tribal members at the Tribal Nations Conference.

WASHINGTON — Local tribal leaders attended President Obama’s White House Tribal Nations Conference last week.

They included Pauma Tribal Chairman Chris Devers, San Pasqual Chairman Allen Lawson and Rincon council members Steve Stallings and Gilbert Parada. ?Chairman Devers, accompanied by several tribal members, was one of only a handful of tribal leaders that was able to speak last week.

Tribal representatives attended the meetings, as well as the opening of the American Indian Embassy in D.C., which symbolizes and recognizes the tribes as sovereign nations, but also accommodates the constant interaction tribes must have with congress on bills to ensure they aren’t left out or are written in in ways that they feel are harmful.

On Thursday, President Obama spoke to the conference, which provided leaders from the 564 federally recognized tribes the opportunity to interact directly with the President and representatives from the highest levels of his Administration.

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